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Are you questioning your thinking around retirement

Retirement is often seen as the final chapter in the book of life, a time to relax after decades of hard work. Longevity means that there are still a few chapters to navigate. But whose script are we following as we approach this stage? This article delves into three critical questions that challenge the conventional narrative of retirement. At 50Plus-Skills, we like to call it REFIREMENT.

Whose Rules?


Traditionally, retirement has been dictated by societal norms and expectations. These ‘rules’ are often inherited from previous generations, influenced by friends, or imposed by societal standards. They dictate when to retire, how much money you need, and what retirement should look like. This thinking is outdated. We have been given a gift of a longer life. Each of us is unique. Be a pioneer and play by your own rules.


Why Follow These Rules?


The rationale behind following these rules is often unexamined. Many adhere to them out of habit, fear, or a desire for social acceptance. However, with increasing life expectancy and changing lifestyles, the old blueprint for retirement may no longer serve us. It’s essential to question the logic of these rules and whether they align with our personal values and aspirations. It is tough to be an outlier/pioneer, but this is what is required to live your best future.


Redefining the Game


If we choose to ignore these outdated rules, we have the power to redefine retirement on our own terms. This could mean retiring earlier or later than the norm, pursuing passions instead of idleness, or even continuing to work in a reduced capacity. It’s about creating a retirement that reflects our individuality, not a one-size-fits-all model.




Retirement is not a one-time event but a transition that can be moulded and adapted. By questioning whose rules we’re playing by, understanding our reasons for following them, and contemplating what our version of retirement looks like, we can illuminate a path that leads to a fulfilling and personalized retirement. It’s time to rewrite the rules and play the game of life by our own design.

That is why we love our 50Plus-Skills community. Iron sharpens iron. We are learning together and creating new, shared thinking. We can serve, learn, and earn together. Replace your fear and old thinking and come and join us.  Don’t retire-refire.