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How to be a virtual assistant?

We are doing a series of interviews with individuals who are earning later in life. For each episode we pick a specific skill and interview a person who has mastered the skill.

We are all living longer and many of us need to work for longer. The challenge is that many need to leave their professional work due to pension rules. Mapping out and navigating what you may want to do next takes time, deep conversations, some curiosity, and experimentation. Moving from being an employee to an entrepreneur takes time, encouragement, and support.

At 50Plus-Skills we help our members to do just that.  We learn, serve, and earn together. We help open your mind, heart, and life to new possibilities that you may not have considered. To learn more about membership please follow this link: https://50plus-skills.co.za/individuals/

This interview on mentorship was with Tina Warrington

You can watch the interview here: https://youtu.be/H2XdUanfD_U

Tina’s website: https://yourtempassist.com/