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Unit Head Technical Assistance, Mentorship & Development at NBI

Words from the person who nominated Ruth

The work that Ruth has done over the years with retirees and linking them up in skills transfer and mentoring relationships with younger people shows how longevity can make a profound difference in the lives of both parties and solve systemic problems in South Africa. Her work and philosophy harness the strengths and opportunities therein and brings awareness to the benefits of this approach to all who are exposed to it.


Longevity is a mega trend impacting life for all of us. We asked Ruth what this means to her and what she does to impact change in this field of work:

Longevity in the work that I’m involved with relates to the creation of a competent public sector who prioritises the dignity and prosperity of its communities by improving service delivery. My role involves the identification, training and mobilisation of highly skilled retirees and deploying them into public institutions to assist and strengthen the capacity of senior civil servants by offering technical assistance and mentoring/coaching. The programme has managed to establish strong relationships of trust with government and has seen the growth of civil servants in areas of leadership, resource management, technical skills and project management. To date, +60 retirees are actively supporting National, Provincial and Local government in the areas of infrastructure, finance management and local economic development programmes and has directly impacted on the development of more than 100 civil servants with visible improvement in services to communities



In July 2019, the National Business Initiative (NBI) was officially appointed as the project champion for the Technical Assistance, Mentorship and Development (TAMDEV) Jobs Summit Programme. The overall goal of TAMDEV is to strengthen the capacity of the State, with the aim of improving service delivery and creating jobs. Progress is reported to the Presidency, through Business Unity SA (BUSA), monthly.

Website: https://www.nbi.org.za/tamdev/