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Operational Manager, Neonatal Unit at the Harry Gwala Regional Hospital

Words from the person who nominated Lolo:

Longevity, the possibility of a longer life, starts with a good birth. Lolo Molale is the Operational Manager, Neonatal Unit at the Harry Gwala Regional Hospital. Because of her leadership and the change, she has brought about in that public health care system, thousands of babies are given a good start and the possibility of a good long life. In a recent fire in the hospital, her leadership and action ensured no babies’ lives were lost. An inspiring woman of change.


Longevity is a mega trend impacting life for all of us. We asked Lolo what this means to her and what she does to impact change in this field of work:

Longevity, a long life, is firstly dependent on a good birth and good interventions at the neonatal stage, prior to being discharged from hospital. For the past 28 years I have led the charge and change in the public health system to ensure this opportunity is given to the tiny often prem babies that are admitted to the neonatal unit. A recent fire meant moving 22 babies, 10 on nasal prong oxygen and 1 on high flow oxygen to safety, and no little lives were lost. I lead and mentor the nursing staff in this unit and enable the hope of longevity for these babies.