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RMB Sector head for healthcare

Words from the person who nominated Jessica

I met Jessica several years ago and was inspired by her drive to bring change. Jessica has a high work ethic and in her leadership role at RMB has influenced positive change. As a result of being integrally involved and in sitting on the Steerco of the SPIRE Fund – FirstRand’s Covid-19 response fund – she partnered with various role players in both the private and public healthcare sectors to formulate solutions for the many challenges in managing the pandemic. Jessica worked with the Solidarity Fund and Business for South Africa (B4SA) on a pro bono basis to support to the public healthcare sector in the fight against Covid-19 and the country’s mass vaccination rollout.


Longevity is a mega trend impacting life for all of us. We asked Jessica what this means to her and what she does to impact change in this field of work.

Scientific research has catapulted development in almost every aspect of our daily lives, including advancements in healthcare to increase both longevity (lifespan) and quality of life (health span). With people living longer lives than ever before, the older generation is frequently overlooked as a consumer group. However, this generation contributes significantly to the economy and provides valuable wisdom and experience to us all. It is in everyone’s best interests to consider how we can assist this ever-important segment, whether through tailored financial assistance or specific healthcare support, such as mental healthcare. As RMB’s Sector Head for Healthcare, I have driven thought leadership conversations around technological advancements in healthtech and de-stigmatising topics like mental health. Creating awareness is the first step in finding real world solutions.