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Ageless Grace Facilitator

Words from the person who nominated Fiona:

Fiona is an International Ageless Grace Brain Health program trainer and educator. She is also a Nia Dance teacher and has many years’ experience in a variety of dance forms. She currently runs both individual and group dance sessions that enable her clients and participants to build and extend their physical and mental well-being into the future. Fiona is an enthusiastic, empathetic, and creative person who facilitates dance sessions for the elderly. Her kindness and impact go well beyond just her clients and touches the lives of care givers and elderly “on lookers” as well! Fiona brings joy, health, dance, and music into the homes of the elderly and of course a sense of meaning and well-being. Her creativity ensures that she tailors her dance sessions to meet the personal needs of her participants.


Longevity is a mega trend impacting life for all of us. We asked Fiona what this means to her and what she does to impact change in this field of work:

It is essential for our physical and mental health that we keep physically and mentally active for as long as possible. I facilitate this through the Ageless Grace Brain health program that I teach to a wide range of people. My focus is to bring joy through healing movement and music. The movements are organic not repetitive or learnt so each class is a new experience. The exercises and tools are simple but effective and it makes me happy to see the benefits for all including the physically and cognitively challenged. Aging gracefully is the key!


Ageless Grace

The number one health concern of people of all ages is losing cognitive function and mobility as we age. People want the freedom to live whole unencumbered lives — to move, dance, travel, etc. Doing another crossword puzzle is NOT the answer. You must move your body while engaging your brain to make positive cognitive changes.

Ageless Grace® is a highly effective brain fitness program that keeps participants moving and thinking through the power of play. Because wellness shouldn’t have to be boring or painful – in fact, it should be fun!