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Words from the person who nominated Marilyn.

Marilyn and I met many years back and I have watched her chip away and build an important media platform for seniors to ensure that they remain informed and are aware of new thinking and opportunities to enrich their lives.

Longevity is a mega trend impacting life for all of us. We asked Marilyn what this means to her and what she does to impact change in this field of work:

Longevity has sweeping implications in terms of social, financial and health challenges for an unstoppable consumer market of 10m 50-plussers in South Africa. You’ve Earned It/YEI is a digital media platform for SA 60-plussers that tackles these challenges head on in the form of relevant, insightful, informative, and inspirational content. Challenges that SA 60-plussers face are in the areas of engagement and purpose, financial planning, healthcare issues, age discrimination, mobility, movement, lifestyle, retirement, and keeping up with technology, to name but a few. You’ve Earned It/YEI also showcases savings and benefits that financially assist the digitally savvy SA 60-plusser.

You’ve Earned It

You’ve Earned It/YEI is a digital media platform for SA 60-plussers with a major focus on senior citizen discounts, savings and benefits PLUS informative and relevant articles specifically geared at our target market (senior citizens, retirees, baby boomers and pensioners).

Website: https://youve-earned-it.co.za/