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Words from the person who nominated La-Nes

From my very first discussion with La-Nes, I felt her empathy for her employees who were a few years away from formal retirement. She took the opportunity to search for a programme that would help older employees to navigate and plan for a life beyond formal employment. She led the process and the first group have now completed the program and this has laid the foundations for others to enjoy the same opportunity.

Longevity is a mega trend impacting life for all of us. We asked La-Nes what this means to her and what she does to impact change in this field of work.

The aim is to put in as much effort into our next life stage post formal employment as we do when we’re younger. We live longer but also have grown so much that we need to impart that knowledge and use the wisdom gained to do even greater things and age shouldn’t be a stumbling block but rather a steppingstone into the next best version of oneself. 50Plus-Skills has been amazing at partnering with my colleagues and I and I’ve been able to be a very close part of the employees’ journey and appreciate being present now but also planning adequately for the future as I walk the road with others on their journey too.