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Spotlight on Women leading change in the longevity sector in South Africa

Living Longer-Ageing WELL

Longevity is changing the way we need to think about our life journey.

Women on average outlive men. In South Africa at age fifty, women are 50% of the population growing to 70% beyond the age of 80. It is time for women to take a more active role in creating the future of the longevity industry, both personally and collectively.

Our population across the industrialized world is aging to an extent never experienced before in history. We are now living 10 years longer on average than our parents’ generation and nearly two decades longer than our grandparents’ generation. (DAVOS 2020- MERCER)

During the month of AUGUST, 50Plus-Skills invite you to nominate a South African female leader who leads change, creates innovation, or adds value and awareness in the field of LONGEVITY.

Wealth, Health, Academia, Work, Community, Technology, Media, Living, Sport are some of the sectors where this change is happening.

The nominees can be any female older than 25 and must be involved in or leading any initiative that positively impacts a longer lifespan.

While this campaign is managed by 50Plus-Skills, JUST SA – South African retirement income specialists – are the proud sponsors.

CEO of JUST SA, Deane Moore says: “The average 65-year-old woman will live a further 22 years, which is 5 years longer than the average man. 25% of these women will reach age 94 and 10% will celebrate their 100th birthday! It’s so important to do what we can to protect our health and wealth to enjoy those years. Just SA is delighted to support this campaign that seeks to highlight those doing great work to support a better later life.”

The process to nominate is easy.

  1. Identify a friend, colleague, or industry leader who you feel fits the description of the campaign.
  2. Motivate your nomination by completing the Google form.

              Nominations close at the end of August.

  1. All nominations will be assessed by our panel.
  2. Select nominations will be showcased on the 50Plus-Skills website
  3. The decision of who will be showcased will depend on the number of nominations and the value they add to the sector.
  4. This is not a competition. It is a campaign to spotlight leaders in the industry, spread awareness and build stronger foundations across sectors for the future.

Join us in celebrating and spotlighting South African women leading change in the longevity sector.

Please access Google Nomination Form Here

All enquiries to be addressed to info@50plus-skills.co.za