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Leadership roles as the Elders in a Nation

I am busy reading a book called From Age-Ing to Sage-ing by Zalmon Schachter-Shalomi and Ronald Miller.

This book was recommended by my friend, Moira Allan, and she also shared these principles from the book at a meeting of PIONeering Elders of the SADAC nations on Saturday.

Maggie Kuhn (3 August 1905-22 April 1995), founder of the Gray Panthers, said:   

“Older people are not just card-carrying members of the leisure world. And mid-afternoon nap takers. We are tribal leaders with an ongoing responsibility for safeguarding the tribe’s survival. And protecting the health of the planet. To do this, we must become society’s futurists, testing out new instruments, technologies, ideas, and styles of living. We have the freedom to do so, and we have nothing to lose.”

As risk takers who can heal and humanize society, elders have FIVE appropriate roles to play:

Mentors who teach the young

Mediators who resolve civil, racial, and intergenerational conflict

Monitors of public bodies who serve as watchdogs of local and national government

Mobilizers of social change.

Motivators of society who urge people away from self-interest and towards the public good.

50Plus-Skills has been invited to partner and engage at African Leadership Week in Stellenbosch 20-24 September this year. These 5 “Ms’” are vital roles each of us can play in our area of expertise. We believe in working together on inter-generational solutions

In a relay race with 4 runners, we hold the baton at the start of a race to share wisdom, time, and expertise. We pass this on the to the younger, stronger runners who reach the finish line, knowing that the race for our most vulnerable in society, are taken care of, by all of us in adult roles in society.

Join us at 50Plus-Skills where we LEARN, EARN and SERVE, connect and collaborate with others to create a future and a place we all can be proud of.