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The world of work has changed significantly over the past two years. Many shifts and trends in how work is changing was already evident before March 2020.

Life is a two-edged sword. We are living longer and should as a result look to earn for longer. However, both technology and making place for the younger generation often have many leaving earlier.

At 50Plus-Skills we believe that we can offer solutions for a number of these challenges. Those leaving have maturity, skills, and experience. Many in this group make great mentors and coaches.

These mature individuals also need to take responsibility and navigate what a new season may means to them, regarding work, money, and purpose. Each of us are unique and will need to work through what this means for us.

Over the past few years, we have built up a membership community and we now are offering a WORK OPPORTUNITY space on our website for individuals, companies and NPO’s to search for very specific skills needed.

The space is broad and varied. Here are some examples:

  1. Looking for mentors by industry or for a specific project.
  2. Project skills where there is a beginning and end and specific skills needed.
  3. You are looking for a director for your organisation.
  4. Looking for a fundraiser who can spend time understanding and writing proposals.
  5. Volunteers for a project.
  6. An individual looking for an Au pair, caregiver, or companion.
  7. A medical locum.
  8. You need an interim manager.
  9. Commission type work, where an older person may make an ideal candidate.
  10. Highly skilled individuals, difficult to find.
  11. Searching for a couple to work together in a lodge
  12. A project somewhere on the continent.
  13. A remote role in a specific industry from anywhere in the world.
  14. Writers, creators, and trainers.


The list is endless. We invite you to partner with us and help grow our economy. All our people are assets and together make the economic fabric of our society stronger.

People over 50 can join our community here: https://www.50plus-skills.co.za/individuals/

You can now advertise for a specific position on our website.

Please look at this page on our website: https://www.50plus-skills.co.za/work-opportunities/

Be in touch if you have any questions? info@50plus-skills.co.za