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Ten reasons to use a coach 50+

Coaching has become a “buzz” word. The most known are sports and executive coaches, but now the world of coaching has opened with many more types in different areas of life.

There are many transitions that we experience between 50 and 65. In a world where we are living longer, the design and thinking around some of these decisions can impact us negatively or positively. A coach with experience in this life stage can be most helpful to ensure that you make great decisions for this season and beyond.

Here are 10 ways in which a coach may be valuable to you in this life stage:

  1. You have reached the end of your professional career and want to ensure you think through all the possibilities that may impact you in your next season.
  2. You want to continue to work and need to recreate yourself to remain valuable and employable.
  3. You are in empty nest and want to design your next season.
  4. You know you do not have enough money and need to keep earning for longer.
  5. You want to discover your purpose for this season of life.
  6. You need to decide about where to live and not sure of all the possible options and need someone to help guide you.
  7. You are sandwiched between children still at home and aging parents who need care.
  8. Balancing your thinking between your finances and life planning for this season.
  9. You need help with digital skills and/or to build an online profile for this season.
  10. You are wanting to start your own business and would like some guidance.

These are all scenarios that we can help with through 50Plus-skills. We have several coaches trained and equipped with skills and knowledge.

Be in contact with us via our website or email us at info@50plus-skills.co.za