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Taking care of your employees over 50 during and post Covid-19

We are living through unprecedented times.

Within less than two weeks some organisations were forced to start working remotely, others had to close their doors completely. Both supply and demand have shrunk considerably for everyone. The question on everyone’s mind is what will the new normal be like, especially for businesses in South Africa with a slow controlled lifting of the lockdown. Without engaged, passionate, motivated employees, any business will find it difficult to get back on their feet.  This is also a scary, difficult time for people over 50 who cannot afford to retire/be retrenched. Can your organisation afford to have your wise, experienced employees worrying about their future rather than on their work?

Here are some ways in which we can help at this time:

  1. Allow your older employees to stay working from home until the last stage of lockdown.
  2. Use this time to improve their remote working and digital literacy skills
  3. The best training needed is to help them to design their next chapter of life.
  4. They may need to design second careers, for their lives beyond their professional career.
  5. Upskill and reskill your employees with the right training.
  6. One on one coaching time can be done
  7. Group training can be done online
  8. Build confidence and a sense of belonging and for your employees to know you care.
  9. Develop a brain trust amongst your older, wise employees with institutional knowledge
  10. Develop their mentoring skills.

50Plus-Skills can help

50Plus-Skills is an online skills community that provides a platform for individuals, aged fifty plus, to find new ways of working, connecting with and providing their wisdom, experience, and skills,  to business, civil society, academic institutions, NPOs and government.

We help this group of people to LEARN, SERVE and EARN.

We do this by:

  • Hosting Workshops for employees within 1- 5 years of formal retirement
  • Hosting Workshops and support during any retrenchment process
  • Providing One on one coaching to enable employees to design their next season and transition their career

All our work can be conducted online thereby saving you the costs of a formal physical workshop

Keynote talks, Workshops, Coaching Mentoring, Learning.

Contact us at info@50plus-skills.co.za to chat and ask questions.