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Plans for your life. Do you have a Life Portfolio?

Over the past 50 years there has been much discussion and education around financial planning. A life skill that should start with parents, throughout the school years and the rest of your life. The design of this education has been around a life where most retirees died within 5-10 years of retirement. Longevity has changed this view and as a result we need to change the plans.

The focus should not just be on the financial portfolio but should include a life portfolio. What do you plan to do with your life in your later years?  Both are critical, especially in the current time where technology and longevity are changing the horizon.

We suggest six main areas to focus on:


 Build a culture of saving from an early age and continue to pay yourself every month so that over the long term you have built up a portfolio of investments. Review your plan with a trusted accredited financial planner to ensure that you remain on track and understand the long-term view.


The people in your life matter. Build close relationships both with family and friends throughout your life. Become involved in community and learn about the richness of life through engaging with different age groups and cultures.

  1. Health

Longevity starts at birth and what we eat and how we live will impact us as we age. Our physical and mental health matters. Isolation, the loss of core muscle strength and no reason to get up will matter later in life and we should be aware of these pitfalls and be proactive in our planning.

  1. Places

One of the most expensive investments we make is where we will live. These plans may change as we age. Make sure you do research before making a change. Longevity may mean that we have one plan at 55 and another at 85. It may not just be one place, due to our current circumstance.

  1. Activities

Longevity means we may have 30 years to enjoy these activities.  Work may still be included in the plans for financial reasons or once we find work that we love, we may want to continue, on our own terms. Learning, leisure and hobbies as well as travel can be designed into our portfolio.

  1. Meaning to life

Each of us has a belief system that we develop by choice. These choices bring a richness to our spiritual life and guide all our actions and impact our soul, mind and body. A life of significance brings a richness that is not defined by financial wealth.

We all want to live a life with a future and a hope. Take the time to plan, connect and build the life you deserve. It starts with you. It takes time, choice and discipline.