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It takes a crisis to change a mindset


50 plus-skills has always been about two macro trends. Longevity and technology. These trends slowly alter the course of our lives. Living longer and having technology tools that previous generations did not have in this season of life are factors we talk about all the time. It changes the way we work, live and play. Most do not see these changes and continue in the ways that make them feel comfortable. Then along comes a major crisis that forces us all to change at speed and to start to engage in different ways.

I have been using the Zoom platform for more than 4 years now and know how much it has changed the way I work, connect and engage. Most people had never heard about Zoom until two weeks ago and now it is a word many know and are in a serious learning curve to understand and apply into the different parts of their lives. We have been offering Free zoom sessions daily to help individuals learn, practice and to ask questions.

This is not a crisis that anyone wanted to happen. However, we do not get to choose the crisis, but we do get to chose how we engage and the choices we make for ourselves at this time.  Here are ten points to help you cope and grow.

  1. Continue to have routine in your schedule daily.
  2. Make a list of a few things you would like to learn and add them into your schedule.
  3. Do some form of exercise every day. Take an online class
  4. Connect with family and friends everyday
  5. Make a list of friends/family who may need your help or who are alone and stay connected.
  6. Make time to relax each day
  7. Help others.
  8. List the 6 kinds of leisure and add to your schedule.

Physical, creative, personal development, social, spectator and solitary.

  1. Join our zoom learning, coffee and happy hour sessions
  2. Investigate new income streams with your new technology skills.

One of the trends I am noticing at this point, is that the skills of the older generation are back in demand. Mentorship is a key skill to support those in the workplace and working as entrepreneurs to navigate this crisis. Our generation have skills, expertise and experience and can be a valuable resource.

We have time to look inwards, be mindful and re-evaluate our lives with many of our comforts stripped away.  Learn in this season and bring the positive changes into your new future.