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Is your life worth investing in?

I have been involved for more than ten years in trying to understand the trends and patterns that exist now for those of us over 50 years of old. I have studied this locally and serve internationally on a think tank on work and economic security for the 50 plus generation globally. The world of work is changing for all of us young and old. What do we do to continue earning later in life?

Most of us have completed our professional work life or looking for new opportunities as an empty nester. We may have been retrenched or asked to retire earlier than planned. Many still need to earn or would like to continue engaging and adding value as part of their plan in this next season. Many need to turn to entrepreneurship in this season.

The world of work is changing daily due to technology. This can be challenging for many of us. The great news is that if we learn some of these skills we can continue to earn in new ways both locally and internationally as there are no boundaries in cyber-space.

At 50 Plus-skills we understand these constraints. Our vision is to build a community of skilled, generous, open-minded and time enabled people who want to continue to add value. Part of this process is that we all need to learn new skills. We need to engage. We need to network. We need to understand this new world so that we can adapt and thrive.

How do we start? Where do we go? This is a new pioneering journey for all of us. Chip Conley has framed our generation as one where we can become modern elders before we become elderly. Age is not the barrier, attitude and old thinking is the challenge.

At 50 plus-skills we have made the decision to have a paid platform for individuals. The cost is R500 per annum. Many are reluctant to invest this in themselves? Included in this cost is a half-day life planning workshop to help you build the framework for your next season. To challenge your thinking, to open your mind to new opportunities. To see the next season as a sunrise not a sunset. There will be some great opportunities for work for some, but it is better to see this as a supportive community where you can be found and where you can safely look for what you need. A place to volunteer and make a difference with like-minded people. To make friends. To learn through the weekly communication and courses that will be on offer.

Is your life worth it? I hope so. Join us and help to change the narrative, the future of your life and our country. Together we can make that difference.