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Is your life planning up to date?

A longer life calls for more planning. It includes several factors like earning for longer, sustaining your life while still alive, where you may want to live and ensuring that you have planned for all eventualities that may occur.  I thought I had done a reasonable planning process and ticked most of the boxes. I was wrong.

This past month, I have been on a 4-part course called Live by Design, Finish Strong. It has been an enriching experience and made me more mindful of some of the practical steps that are not yet in place in my life. Most people may avoid doing this course because they may think it is about death. The reality is that it is very much about life, relationships, love, forgiveness, and some practical steps we should all have in place as adults.

The course offers a life-affirming conversation framework as we all face our mortality. There are four sessions covering life, loving ourselves, and others. It is in taking stock of our lives and relationships with loved ones, that we can best frame our response to mortality and our fear of it.

Each session is two and half hours and is best done in partnership with a partner or friend. Beyond the on-line time, there is work to be done between sessions. At the end of the course, you will have an action list of items you will want to complete. These can be done as time allows. Most of us know these items are important. We just never get to do them.

LOVE: Loving Self – Loving Others

DIGNITY: Readiness – Medical Choices

LEGACY: Peace of Mind – Your Affairs in Order

LOVE: Resilience, Ritual & Celebration

The course is run by two well equipped facilitators, who have between them many years of experience and have done much research around this subject. The time goes by in a flash, and one cannot believe that you have been in discussion for the time designated. To read more about the facilitators you can go to this link: https://lovelegacydignity.com/about/

The course outline can be read here: https://lovelegacydignity.com/portfolio-item/lbd-online-course/  

We do not plan to die tomorrow, but at some point, hopefully in old age this will happen to all of us. Sadly, especially in these times, the focus on death and grief are centre stage in many homes and families. I would like to ensure that my life is lived well and filled with purpose and strong relationships. Finishing strong for me, means that my family are left, knowing what I want and that all my paperwork is in order. This includes my wishes not just about my finances but also about my health directives. Having critical and important conversations, allows families to focus on the important parts of your life, rather than having to make decisions that have never been talked about. Living my life by design and finishing strong.