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How to equip your older employees for their next season

We are now living 10 years longer on average than our parents’ generation and nearly two decades longer than our grandparents’ generation. These numbers were shared at Davos in 2020 when for the first time the mega trend of longevity was on the agenda. In March 2020 when Covid brought the world to a standstill, we needed to re-think the way we work and the impact this is having on the well-being of our employees. Technology is also driving and supporting this change.

At 50Plus-Skills, our focus and research are on equipping the older generation for this new landscape. This generation in your workplace, is being gifted with more years of life and we believe this is a gift, if managed properly. Many may not have saved for this scenario and be feeling stressed and filled with fear. They need to reimagine a new future.


Some of the questions, your employees may be asking themselves?

How can I remain economically active and work for longer?

How do I stay physically and mentally active?

Have I given myself time to reimagine the future?

Have I discussed this with those closest to me?

Where do I go for professional guidance?


How can you be seen as an age friendly workplace?

Become Data-Centric and understand your workforce (audit)

Study Best Practices of Other Employers

Help Employees Achieve a Financially Secure Retirement

Create a Longevity Strategy for Your Employees and Customers

This is a new field of well-being for most employers. The focus in the past has been on ensuring that there is understanding around their finances when employees retire, but not much focus has been on the life planning side. If one is going to live a longer life, one needs to think more deeply about many other parts of the plan.

At 50Plus-Skills, we pride ourselves in being market leaders on this subject. There are many solutions, and we can tailor make one for your organisation. We offer strategic advice, keynote presentations, workshops, coaching and the opportunity for your employees to find a new place to belong through our membership community.

If you would like to engage with us, please email us at info@50plus-skills.co.za