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Are you a job creator or a job seeker?

The world of work is changing fast for all of us, young and old.  I define a “job seeker” as someone who is looking for a fulltime job with benefits and a “job creator” as someone who takes responsibility for designing their own pay cheque. You can juggle both at the same time and often there are seasons where one may be better than the other for you personally.

Our work is mainly focussed on the 50plus market where many are exiting from their professional career and looking for something different. In many cases, this has more elements from the “job creator” category and will need some work to help define what that may look like for you personally.

A job creator could be an entrepreneur or a consultant. The person also needs to be very clear about their skills, passion and what it is, that that they would like to do in the future. Here are some action steps to becoming a job creator.

  1. Be clear about what you want to do with your life
  2. Clarify your skills that can be used to achieve your goals.
  3. There may be learning of new skills to be added to achieve these objectives.
  4. Be a lifelong learner
  5. Have a growth mindset
  6. Join some networks that will add value to your journey of learning and engaging with others.
  7. Do you want to work remotely?
  8. Define your market
  9. Have you equipped yourself with the right tools to achieve your goals?
  10. Ask yourself these questions: What do I love, what skills do I have, what can I get paid for and what does the world need?
  11. Connect, communicate and co-create what you want with others.
  12. Build a personal brand and become visible.

You may want to have a few projects running at the same time. Some may be for money and some may be for meaning. Both will add value to your life.  If you have a few projects and one is cancelled or completed, you have other income streams. You should always be looking for ideal projects that match who you are and then decide to say yes or no when the opportunity arrives. These processes are not instant and can take months. Let it become a skill that you have on your “always “radar. 

Many may say that they are not entrepreneurs. The world of work is changing, and we all need to adjust the skills we need to find paid work. The responsibility has shifted from the employer to the employee. In a world without security in the workplace, we need to become responsible and adjust our radar to navigate this new world of work. 

Be a job creator and you may find that you can never be fired again.