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A mirror facing exercise

We all have a story. The one we tell the world and the one that revolves in our head. They often do not match. We project a different picture to the world.

Brene Brown, a renowned author, speaks about how becoming more vulnerable about our own story, assists us in facing the world. We become more authentic when we are true to ourselves and own our story. She states “Loving ourselves through the process of owning our own story is the bravest thing we will ever do”

We all have a story. For each of us there will be mountain and valley moments that change our future. Some in our control and others not. Some of these could be divorce, retrenchment, spending the savings/pension after leaving a job and not reinvesting in a provident fund.

It is good practice to have a financial advisor who guides us along this journey. Ultimately the responsibility rests with us. I know for a fact that the story I had going on in my head was the following. “I do not have enough money so just keep working as long as possible and do the best you can” I have no doubt many have similar stories.

Around the age of 54, a friend asked me about my “money story”. I then realised that I had my head in the sand and needed to lift my head and face myself in the mirror. I did not like the picture, but the reality exercise and plan of action to move forward in a better state of reality saved me. It made me look more deeply at the situation, understand what needed to happen. My plan is to allow my investments to grow, remain debt free, live a simple life and earn what I need until I am at least 70. I have learnt how to work on several projects at the same time and continue learning new skills that open exciting opportunities. I have taken full responsibility for my past, forgiven myself for the things I can’t change and opened myself up to possibility. I get up now with goals, direction and a plan. It brings purpose and a sense of hope into my life. I love my integrated life.

Your “mirror” moment may not be the same as mine. It may be around work, technology, new skills, relationships or exercise. The challenge is to become more vulnerable and authentic and lift your head to own the process. The current pandemic is changing life for all of us. We did not choose it, but still need to take responsibility for our future. What will your life look like afterwards? What can you do about it now? What can you learn during this season?  How are you investing in your future?

Mirror moments are often good opportunities to work with a coach or advisor to help you to plan your journey. It takes time. You need to be brave and courageous. It will change your future. The vision of the 50plus-skills members community is to help be your partner in this process. Collectively we are stronger together. Community brings belonging, collaboration and opportunities to learn new skills.