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50plus-skills is building bridges

At 50plus-skills we have a vision to engage all individuals who are over 50 in South Africa and to partner with them to walk into their next season of life. We asked ourselves the question of where these individuals are currently and why they may need to partner with others on their journey.

The convergence of technology and longevity has changed the conversation and the possibilities that are on the horizon. Technology is in fact changing the lives of all people in different ways. We are living longer than previous generations and have an extra season of life. We have chosen to focus on the demographic of older adults. We need to build some new bridges to engage in a new destination.

There are several bridges we are building as it depends on where you are currently:


  1. In the workplace- You are still employed and within a few years of retirement from your current employer. In most cases an end date is defined by a pension policy within a company. We like to see ourselves as coming alongside this group to educate and build a framework and understanding of what the next season can look like and to help you answer some relevant questions to guide your path. The bridge takes you from your place of employment into the next season.
  2. The second group are individuals already out of the formal workplace. They may be looking for work, be entrepreneurs, taking a gap or planning what the next season should entail. The bridges we create for this group are new learning, where to serve and how to network and engage with one another to collaborate, share and build together.
  3. The third bridge we are building is between individuals and civil society. We have time and skills and may want to engage in working in some way within this sector. We create partnerships with strong partners in this sector to enable solid pathways and ways to cross over to this sector.

Strong bridges take time to build and create new pathways. They create a world of new possibilities They take investment, time and commitment. Partner with us and let’s walk together to build a new future both for ourselves and those within our community.