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50 Plus-Skills – A social enterprise for individuals in the longevity economy

50plus-skills is a social enterprise. You may ask what this means?

“Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry.” Bill Drayton

What is it that we are trying to do?  We are trying to educate, network, learn, earn and serve and change current retirement thinking.  We will on average be living a good 10-20 years longer than our grandparents and as a result need to think differently about the future. Can we do this alone? Absolutely not. We need the support, skills and engagement of individuals who are 50+ to do this with us.

Our vision is to build a community across South Africa of people who are 50+. These individuals list their details, skills, location and industry knowledge. Groups meet face to face for workshops, online for virtual learning and informally in community.

 We also engage with leading change agents in Civil Society and try and understand how we can help and partner with them. This helps to find value in the skills we have and for us to add value into sectors where these are desperately needed.

We also help build a bridge for individuals leaving their professional career to join our community and find a place where they belong and can start to unpack their legacy season.

A social enterprise starts with a BIG idea, often with little funding. They offer something innovative and inviting to a specific group and start to push back the current thinking and help design and engage to help form new thinking and ideas.

Would you invest in this for your future and to find a way to be part of something bigger than you? A place that has a vision to help build and improve economic transformation and social cohesions for South Africa? To make a difference big or small and at the same time find purpose and meaning for yourself.

The investment is R500 per annum. Here are some possible benefits that you may experience:

  • A place to list your skills and find future income streams
  • All members get to attend a half day workshop on building this next season
  • A list of places where you can serve
  • A sense of belonging as a 50+ member of society
  • Connecting with new and interesting people.
  • Networking and future partnerships
  • Building a strong community that begins to have a voice in society.
  • Special membership offers as we grow from partners
  • Helping us ensure that this group in society is not ignored or treated poorly.
  • Helping us to craft and design new thinking

Consider your membership as a small contribution to help build South Africa. You will benefit but so may others. We are looking for generous hearted citizens who want to make a difference and belong. You may be a friend, or you may not know us at all. I want to invite you to risk an investment of R500 in yourself and the future of our nation.  Help us my spreading the message and influencing others to join, blog about us or invite us to speak. This movement is not achieved by a small team but by the members with the right heart.

Thank you to those who have already invested. Together we are seeing the vision unfold. Imagine if this group was thousands strong and could start to impact collective challenges we face. We can use this legacy season to help build our beautiful nation and the longevity dividend we have will have impacted not only yourself but those in society. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Join us. Go to www.50plus-skills.co.za to register and invest.